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Professional Spine Center for spine, back & disc

Our Centre offers the full range of spine treatment of the  neck, chest and lumbar spine for all ages. After a careful diagnosis, we will develop the optimal treatment strategy for your condition. In many cases, conservative treatment is sufficient to alleviate the symptoms of patients and to regain an appropriate quality of life. If the the desired success is not achieved  after a long conservative therapy, a surgical intervention is necessary, modern low-risk operation methods are available.

We specialize on gentle minimally invasive procedures. Some examples: The endoscopic disc surgery an incident on the lumbar spine is  removed gently without major scarring. As an alternative to stiffening operations we implant intervertebral disc prostheses. We handle wear and tear, deformity, vertebral fractures and tumors with modern surgical stabilization methods. minimally invasive surgery allows  an early recovery.

We are glad to welcome you soon.

Priv.-Doz.. Dr. med. Oliver Linhardt

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