Orthopedic Center Arabellapark in Munich Bogenhausen

The Foot and Ankle Center Munich of Dr. Fröhlich and Dr. Kinast and colleges is specialised in sportsmediine, foot and ankle surgery, komplex reconstructions oft he lower extremity, arthroscopy and minimal invasive foot surgery as well as hallux valgus hammertoe metatarsalgia cavusfoot, flatfoot, juvenile flexible flatfoot, clubfoot, achillestendon ,haglunds deformity,osteoarthritis oft he foot and ankle region and total ankle replacement TAR.

The Center of spinesurgery of Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Linhardt provides conservative and operative treatment methods of the hole spectrum. From oral medications to injection and radiofrequency therapy under image control, endoscopic and microsurgical techniques as well as complex spinefusions  are frequently performed. In many cases a combination of different additive treatment methods is advantageous.

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The team of doctors in the OZA

Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Linhardt

Dr. med. Imke Fröhlich

Dr. med. Imke Fröhlich

Dr. med. Christian Kinast

The specialists for foot and ankle , spine , back and vertebral disk, childrens orthopedics and sportsmedicine invite you to get to know our center for all orthopedic diseases from hand, elbow, shoulder , spine, hip, knee, ankle and foot. All members of our team of doctors Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Linhardt, Dr. med. Imke Fröhlich, Dr. med. Christian Kinast, Dr. med. Diana Franck-Plaschka, Dr. med. Axel Neumann and Dr. med. Thomas Demhartner are looking forward to provide you with advice and treatment.

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