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Center foot and ankle

The Center for foot and ankle Munich by Dr. Kinast and Prof. Hamel is focused on patients with disorders of foot and ankle from all over the world.

Over  10 million people – mostly women, deal with big toe problems. The hallux valgus, also Bunion toe pain, referred to the misalignment of the big toe in the metacarpophalangeal joint to outside. The corresponding metatarsal and the metatarsal head, the ball of toe on the inside of the foot stand out clearly. Usually the result of wearing high heel  shoes. The problem is because that you first wear the whole body load on the first ball of the foot, which is in the area of establishing five to seven times the weight of the body. And secondly, that the entire rolling mechanics is altered, leading again to the burden of the small toe metacarpophalangeal joints leads. Broken toes, foot deformities, osteoarthritis, abbreviated bands affect disease patterns in the forefoot and ankle therapy and treatment the Center for foot and ankle Munich by Dr. med. Christian Kinast and Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Hamel of the OZA  is also specialized.

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The range of treatments at the Center for foot and ankle Munich in the OZA by Dr. Kinast and Prof. Hamel:

  • Achilles tendon injuries and reconstructions
  • axis correct end operations on foot and ankle
  • congenital bone connections (Coalitio)
  • Arthroscopic Arthrodesis
  • Arthroscopic operations on the ankle
  • Bunion  and toe operations
  • tape sculptures at the ankle joint
  • deformities in neuromuscular diseases
  • misalignment after accidents
  • Haglundferse
  • Hallux valgus
  • Hallux rigidus
  • Hallux varus
  • Hammertoes
  • Hollow foot
  • infant foot deformities
  • clubfoot correction after Ponseti
  • cartilage and ligament replacement on the ankle
  • cartilage replacement surgery
  • cartilage reconstruction
  • complex reconstruction of lower limb
  • complex before foot corrections
  • corrections of o and X-legs
  • Metatarsalgia syndrome
  • metatarsal and rear foot corrections
  • Mortonneuroma
  • ANKLE replacements
  • Flatfoot
  • PRP-treatments
  • tendon and band surgery
  • tendon replacement, tendence-transfer
  • sickle foot
  • sports injuries
  • Splayfoot

The Center for foot and ankle Munich in the treatment also focuses on minimal invasive foot surgery:

Patient and doctor have minimal surgery risk during surgical procedures with small skin incisions. Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery in the OZA is the minimally invasive surgery for patients and operators alike in addition to the improved overview of the joint for the surgeon due to the aesthetically cosmetically beneficial scar. Decades of surgical experience in the OZA specialists, Dr. Kinast and Prof. Hamel, is the prerequisite for success with minimally invasive and percutaous surgery.

Modern technology and innovative methods of examinations under one roof at the OZA

Cutting-edge computer technology allows us, to have access to the digital images for over 10 years now. The new three-dimensional volume tomography shows markers of 0.2 mm with only 10% of the of the necessary radiation exposure. Complex anatomical structures of the foot an ankle  can now be seen now for the first time 3D.

High-definition video Pedographie (4 sensors \/ cm2) and dynamic measurement are also offered at OZA.

Poorly healing tendon problems can be treated well here PRP. From  minimally invasive surgery to artificial joint replacement,  physiotherapy and orthopedic supplies – the specialists offer a comprehensive range of services for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery at the Center for foot and ankle Munich. The patient can be treated from a single source with the immediate exchange of information.

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