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Dr. med. Christian Kinast

Board certified Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, sportsmedicine, certified foot and ankle surgeon (D.A.F.) German Orthopedic foot and ankle society

Dr. med. Christian Kinast

Dr. med. Christian Kinast
OZA Orthopedic Center Arabellapark

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After decision making wether non surgical or surgical treatment will help you best , I will explain you how I will fix your hallux valgus, cartilage damage, tendon or ligament rupture or will treat your osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle with open or minimal invasive techniques or if total ankle replacement will be the treatment of choice for you.

The treatment will only be finished when you will reach painfree activities of daily living and you will return to your favorite sports like jogging hiking golfing playing soccer or tennis. My 35 years professionnal experience in orthopedics and traumasugery sportsmedicine , my consistant thrive for further development of innovative methods together with the teaching and lecturing at national and international conferences will help to find the optimal therapy for you and your individual needs.

  • Minimal invasive and complex hallux valgus reconstruction
  • Mis and complex hammertoe and midfoot surgery
  • Total ankle replacement, arthroscopix ankle fusion
  • Reconstruction of flatfeet and cavus feet
  • Arthroscopic and complex open ankle surgery for trauma and osteoarthritis
  • Achilles tendon reconstruction open and minimal invasive, endoscopic Haglund surgery
  • Tendon reconstruction: tibialis posterior, tibialis anterior, peroneal tendons
  • Cartilage reconstruction with stemcells and grothfactors  ( PRP MSC )
  • Joint preserving and mechanical axis correction procedures

University of Berlin Chemistry 1973- 1977
Medical School Berlin 1977-78
Medical School Technical University Munich 1978- 1982
Approbation 1982 Bayerisches Ministerium des Inneren
Promotion 1983 Technische Universität München Prof. Hipp

Surgical residency
1982-83 Ludwig Maximilians Universität München Prof. Schweiberer
1983-84 Universität Basel Prof. Allgöver / Prof. Harder / Prof. Morscher

Orthopedic Residency
1985-88 Universität Bern Prof. R. Ganz Switzerland
1988 AO-Fellowship  Pelvic fracture surgery J. Matta MD.  USC Los Angeles
USA; Foot and Ankle fellowship Seattle S. Hansen
1989 Board of Orthopedic Surgeons Bayerische Landesärztekammer
1990-92 Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Munich Sportstraumatology / Orthopedic Surgery

1992 Podiatry Institute Atlanta  USA
1996 Weil Foot and ankle Institute L.S. Weil Sen
1992-96 Private Praxis Klinik Josephinum Munich Germany
1996-2010 Private Praxis with affiliation to Klinik Josephinum Munich Germany,
2000 Foundation Center for Foot and Ankle Surgery Munich
2008 Atosklinik München
2006  Foundation Orthopedic center Arabellapark Munich2007 Fellowship University Lefenettre GRECMIP University Bordeaux France
2012 Orthopedic Department  Isarklinikum

DAF Deutsche Association für orthopädische Fuß- und Sprunggelenkschirurgie
International Member of AAOS and AOFAS
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